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Can A Green Home Help You Save On Homeowners Insurance?

These days there a is a growing trend for the production of eco-friendly homes that are better for the environment and lower our carbon footprint.  Many homeowners are finding that buying a green home can also save them money on everything from utility bills to insurance rates.

Even if you are not looking to buy a new home, there are ways you can upgrade your existing property to make it more energy efficient and ecologically sound, hopefully saving you money and making you feel more ecologically sound

What Is A Green Home?

A green home is a term that covers houses, apartments or condominiums that are designed and built with a focus on the efficient use of energy, water, and building materials. While there are green communities of new homes cropping up all over the state of Florida, you can also find ways to make your existing property more energy efficient.

Making simple changes, like changing the type of light bulbs you use, conserving water and using energy more efficiently can make a big impact on how green your home is.

How Can A Green Home Save Me Money?

If you are able to harness all the energy you need to light, heat and run your home on a more self-sufficient basis, you can see dramatic savings across all areas of your household expenses.  Some examples of the changes you can make to your home could include:

  • Installing an insulated roof systems
  • Fitting double pane Low-E windows
  • Making sure that there are air returns in all rooms
  • Replacing old appliances with new energy efficient appliances, lighting and water efficient fixtures
  • Installing solar panels
  • The use of ICF walls is any further building projects
  • The use of smart home automation systems

By changing the way you consume and use energy and water, you will not just save money, you will make your home a healthier place to live.  Greener homes generally offer a far superior indoor environment that is virtually allergen and dust free, with air conditioning systems that bring fresh air in, and a reduction in chlorofluorocarbons and chemicals.

Will My Insurance Company Recognize My Commitment To The Environment?

Forward-thinking insurance providers in Florida are starting to reward homeowners who are dedicated to reducing their own carbon footprint.  By installing and using Energy Star-certified products and those that meet new federal environmental standards, you could see substantial savings in your insurance rates.


Some homeowners can save as much as five to ten percent on their premiums, simply by using products and construction methods that are more environmentally friendly. Your insurer will want to know what changes you have made to your appliances, insulation, roof, heating and cooling systems, windows, siding, and/or plumbing system to make them green, as it these areas of your home will have the greatest impact on helping the environment and saving you money.

Not only do insurers like to reward homeowners for going green, but you will also find that your utility bills are lower and your property value is higher, as green homes are in great demand across the state of Florida.

Green Home Insurance From The Sena Group

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