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Can Installing Security Cameras Help You to Save On Your Insurance?

Insuring your home or business can be expensive.  The neighborhood you live in or operate your business from, the size of your home or premises and even how often you are there can all affect how much you pay for your insurance coverage.

Many people looking to reduce their insurance payments assume that installing a security camera will help, but you may be surprised to know that having a security camera installed does not always lower your insurance rates. Of course, having a surveillance system protecting your home or business will bring you peace of mind, but you should check with your insurance provider to see if it will have any impact on the amount you pay.

If you do decide to go ahead and install a surveillance system, you should consider the following:

Always choose a security system linked to an alarm monitoring service.

Simply installing a bunch of cameras around your home or business is not enough to make an impact on your insurance obligations.  If you want your cameras to lower the cost of your insurance, you should link them to an alarm monitoring service.

Home and business owners who have round the clock monitoring are more attractive to insurance providers and are generally considered less of a risk.  In some instances, the savings you can achieve can offset the cost of the monitoring service, making to a worthwhile investment.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not offer discounts to customers who do not link their cameras to a monitoring service.  This is mainly because it is often very difficult for insurance companies to prove that the security cameras were working properly in the first place.

Security systems are not always a deterrent

As much as you would like to think that a camera system would deter potential burglars or those who intend to harm you or your premises, the sad truth is that this is not always the case.  Your insurance provider will not even consider them as an active deterrent unless they are directly visible from the outside.

The footage captured on them, however, can be incredibly useful after a crime has already occurred and will be of interest to your local police investigators.  The best way to stop criminals from burglarizing your home is to install an alarm system that sounds when the door or window motion senses are disturbed, therefore deterring most wrong-doers before they have fully entered the property.

Install cameras for your own personal protection

While your surveillance cameras may not have a direct effect on the price you pay for your insurance, they may well help you to feel safe and secure in your own home or at work.  They can also be used for proving the extent of damage caused by a break-in, and your insurance provider will be interested to see the footage to help you claim.

If your sole reason for installing cameras is to reduce your insurance costs, be sure to speak to your insurance provider to see if this is a realistic prospect before you go to the expensive of purchasing cameras for your home or business.

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