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Skip the Internet: Go with an Insurance Agent

The Internet has made it easy to access virtually any product or service anyone might desire. That includes insurance services to protect people and pets, homes, vehicles, and businesses. While it may be convenient to purchase insurance online, it’s infinitely preferable to speak with an actual agent for individuals to ensure they’re not being under-insured, over-insured, and that every contingency is covered.

Popular websites promise quick and easy online quotes, but there’s no guarantee that the individual is accessing an approved insurance company website. Unscrupulous people are constantly seeking new ways to scam the unwary and cloned sites are common.


Purchasing insurance online can be less expensive and price is a significant consideration. The drawback is that the process tends to be a one-size fits all process that doesn’t take into consideration the individual needs of the client and a custom plan may be impossible to secure. An agent will work with each client to determine their specific requirements and the value of what’s being insured to arrive at the total cost.

It ensures that clients aren’t over-insured and paying too much or under-insured and left lacking if a claim is made. An agent can advise individuals of discounts and will know what questions to ask to determine if individuals need life insurance, limited liability or full coverage on their vehicles, insurance for their pets, and for what amount their home or businesses should be insured.


Purchasing insurance can be an exceptionally complicated process depending on where the client lives, a variety of state laws, and applicable exclusions. It’s much easier to file an insurance claim with an agent that’s local rather than some nameless, faceless entity. An agent has experience and can walk clients through the claims process, what to expect, provide information about deductibles, and even connect individuals with damage repair and restoration service providers.

Ultimately, purchasing any kind of insurance comes down to two factors – price and value. Depending on the needs of the individual, an insurance agent can be a one-stop resource for every type of coverage that’s needed. An agent will also take time to explain policies in easy to understand language – something that online outlets typically don’t want to do.

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