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Different Types of RVs

Most people automatically think of a motorhome when they hear the term RV, but recreational vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Some are driven and some are towed, but they all provide a way to explore and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Class A Motorhome

A motorhome is essentially an entire home on wheels. They’re self-contained, offer all the comforts and amenities of home, and are great for long-distance or cross-country journeys. They’re capable of towing a car or other vehicle for when you reach your destination. They also contain significant cargo space, but are more expensive to operate and difficult to maneuver.

Class B Motorhome

Typically known as a camper van, they’re built higher so people can stand upright while inside and provide sleeping space. They’re self-contained, but have little cargo space or amenities, won’t accommodate more than two people, but are more maneuverable than their larger cousins.

Class C Motorhome

They offer more space than a Class B motorhome, but not as many amenities as a Class A. Often referred to as a cab-over, the design features a space over the cab that can be used as sleeping space or storage, and tables and couches convert into sleeping space. Their high-profile design can make them difficult to maneuver, but easier to manage at campsites.

Travel Trailers

Filled with all the conveniences of home, they’re towed behind a vehicle equipped with an appropriate towing package. They’re available in multiple sizes and some come with an expansion option for additional living space. They run the gamut from Spartan to luxury models.

5th Wheel

A 5th wheel is towed behind a truck through the use of a gooseneck connector. They offer more space than a traditional travel trailer, have a variety of amenities, but are limited in the type of vehicles that can be used to tow it.

Truck Camper

These fit within the bed of a pickup truck and can go anywhere the truck goes. They have more room than folding trailers.

Folding Trailers/Tents

Used primarily for camping, they encompass the smallest of RVs. They’re collapsible, easy to store when not being used, and feature tent material or hard walls. They’re convenient for an occasional camping trip, but associated gear must be transported in the tow vehicle.

Sport Utility RV

Essentially a large box trailer on wheels, they allow people to take their dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs and other toys on vacation with them. They feature loading ramps in the rear and a forward compartment that provides limited living space.

Multiple Choices

A variety of factors will determine the type of RV you purchase, such as how often it’s used, the cost of operation, and ease of use. RVs offer the freedom to get away for any number of reasons and should fit the family’s lifestyle.

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