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Common Causes for RV Crashes

Recreational vehicles are a great way to travel and save money doing it. Driving an RV is much different than navigating through traffic with an ordinary car. The most common causes of RV crashes are miscalculations by drivers, whether they’re operating an RV, motor home, fifth wheel, camper van, or toy hauler.

Distracted Drivers

Eating, drinking, and the use of mobile devices are the most common causes of distracted driving. Mobile devices of all types are used to communicate, obtain directions, and take on-the-fly photos which can lead to speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.

Inexperienced drivers

The majority of drivers only get behind the wheel of their RV a few times a year. In the excitement of getting out on the open road, it’s easy for motorists to forget what they’ve learned during their past RV driving experiences.

Size Matters

Drivers must be aware of their RV’s dimensions at all times. The vehicles are taller, longer, wider, and less maneuverable. Accidents occur when drivers make turns that are too sharp, fail to recognize they have a blind spot, and don’t allow enough room between vehicles to stop safely. It will require more room to turn around and get them up to speed when starting from a stop.


High winds are a major concern for RVs. It makes them more difficult to handle and subject to flipping. Tow-behinds can begin to whip back and forth even in moderate winds, flip over, and take the tow vehicle with them. Rain storms can result in poor visibility and hydroplaning.

Tired drivers

The monotony of the road, trying to make it to their ultimate destination, or simply searching for the next convenient RV park can motivate drivers to drive when they’re tired. There’s a lot of adrenaline involved when departing on the journey, when preparing to return, and even maneuvering the vehicle in wind and rain. When the adrenaline wears off, drivers can become tired.

Overloading and Unbalanced Loads

In an effort to include items for every possible contingency, there’s a tendency for many travelers to over pack. It adds too much weight to the vehicle and makes it more difficult to handle. Careful packing is also required to prevent unbalanced loads.

Runaway trailers

Tow-behind trailers are required to be safely secured to prevent them from detached from the tow vehicle. A detached trailer can easily cross into oncoming traffic, crash into buildings, and even go air-borne depending upon the terrain, speed and slope of the road.

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