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What You Need In An RV Insurance Policy

What you Need in an RV Insurance Policy

Florida requires that you have insurance on your RV if it’s one that can be driven, rather than a tow-behind. You’ll need standard coverage of liability, comprehensive and collision just like your auto. An RV is large and can cause…

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Great First RV Trips

Great First RV Trips

The lure of an RV, traveling the open road to unknown adventures has resulted in millions of people purchasing a recreational vehicle and preparing for their first trip. With so many potential destinations available, narrowing down the choices can be…

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Common Causes For RV Crashes

Common Causes for RV Crashes

Recreational vehicles are a great way to travel and save money doing it. Driving an RV is much different than navigating through traffic with an ordinary car. The most common causes of RV crashes are miscalculations by drivers, whether they’re…

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Different Types of RVs

Most people automatically think of a motorhome when they hear the term RV, but recreational vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Some are driven and some are towed, but they all provide a way to explore and enjoy what…

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Top 10 RV Campgrounds In Florida

Top 10 RV Campgrounds in Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the US.  Known for its sandy beaches, stunning wetlands, and year-round sunny weather, millions of vacationers jump in their RV’s and head on down south for the summer. If…

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