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Things to Consider when Purchasing an RV

A recreational vehicle opens up new horizons and opportunities to see the U.S. However, there are far more factors to be considered when purchasing an RV than the number of beds and the latest gadgets. There’s also the cost of insurance and maintenance, along with learning to drive it, park it, and the cost of gas vs. mileage.

Owning an RV isn’t for everyone. It’s a significant investment and one that will typically cost as much as a very nice home. Today’s RVs are fully equipped homes on wheels, complete with the latest technology. It goes without saying that insurance costs will exceed those of a traditional vehicle.

Driving an RV is akin to operating a bus or similar vehicle. They don’t accelerate as quickly as a traditional vehicle, they take longer to stop, and require much more room to maneuver. There’s also the height element to consider. They won’t fit under all overhangs. Rural bridges and other features can also create problems.

RVs cost more to operate in gas alone. Even with technological advances, RVs are notorious for poor gas mileage. To get around local areas for sightseeing and exploring, individuals often find themselves towing a car behind their RV, which further reduces the gas mileage of the RV.

An RV can be an exciting vehicle to adventure – until it’s not. Regular maintenance is required and it can be tiresome trying to locate a service center equipped to handle even a simple oil change on an RV. An RV owner that has to take the vehicle into the shop for every repair or maintenance issue will spend a substantial amount of money.

There’s also the cost of periodic propane refills, buying groceries for the journey, and gaining access to electricity and the Internet. There are parking fees, the cost of entertainment along the way, and the RV’s waste holding tanks will need to be emptied periodically.

Some people choose to purchase a used RV, but those come with their own set of pre-owned problems. An RV is a long-term lifestyle investment and while they provide a way to save on vacations, they also come with a variety of built-in expenses. Purchasing an RV shouldn’t be undertaken lightly and man people discover that a camper van or towable camper may better fit their needs.

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