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Tire Tips to get the Most From Your Car

Tires do far more than just make it possible for your vehicle to roll down the road. They provide safe transportation, preserve gas mileage and have the power to save you money. To get the most out of your tires, there are some simple things you can do that are equally applicable throughout the year.

Proper tread

Tires are expensive, but they need to be replaced when the tread has worn to a specific depth and a quarter can tell you when. Place a quarter with Washington’s head in the tread. If you can see the very top of his head, the tires need to be replaced.

Air pressure

Underinflated tires flex too much and won’t provide a solid grip on the road, particularly on wet pavement. Overinflated tires don’t provide sufficient contact with the road and are also dangerous. Either condition affects fuel economy by up to 5 percent, reduces maneuverability and stability, and impairs steering.


Hitting potholes and bumping curbs can damage tires and misalign the front end. Tires wear faster, unevenly, and cause additional wear and tear on the front end. Drivers may feel like the front end is pulling to one side or the other or even vibrating.


Always request that your tires be balanced when putting on new rubber. If tires aren’t balanced, it leads to uneven wear and will cause the car to shake, shiver and shimmy when you’re driving.


Having your tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles ensures they all wear evenly. You can also ask the technician to check for imbalances, misalignments and other types of tire wear.

Cuts and Punctures

Whenever possible, avoid potholes, road debris, and hitting curbs. Cuts and punctures can easily occur without knowing it until you’re on the way to pick up the kids or leave on that summer road trip with a fully loaded car.


Most vehicles don’t carry full-size spare tires anymore. Instead, they have a “donut,” a small mini tire with one purpose – to get you to the nearest repair center. Remember that they’re not designed to hold up to high speeds or long distances. Check the donut periodically to ensure it’s aired up and in good shape. If not, replace it.

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