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Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Car

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, you could be easily swayed by shiny paintwork and super-fast engines.  In reality, though, your next car needs to be the perfect blend of good looks, practicality, optional extras and most importantly, well within your budget.

The cost of buying a new vehicle is not just about the ticket price, but also how much it will cost you to run and insure throughout the duration of your ownership.

When you are looking to purchase your next car, consider these questions before you drive it away:

  1. Does it come with a warranty or service plan?

Most new cars come with at least a 1 year warranty that provides the buyer with protection against the cost of repair, replacement or maintenance of certain parts and some additional labor costs.  If you are buying a used vehicle, you should always check with the dealer as to the kind of warranty they offer, or whether you can purchase the additional warranty at an extra cost. You should also find out the fine details of what is included and what isn’t before you buy.

  1. How much will it cost to insure

Buying a vehicle with cash or on a finance agreement is pretty easy, plus if you take out finance you will know how much your monthly payments will be in advance.  But owning a car is not just about paying for the vehicle itself, you will also need to insure it to drive it legally.

Car insurance premiums vary dramatically depending on the type of vehicle you are looking to purchase.  Cars like sports cars, hybrids, and high-end luxury cars are usually more expensive to insure then regular vehicles, so you should always get a quote from your insurance provider before you buy.

  1. Is the car eligible for tax credits

Certain types of cars may be eligible for tax credits that can help to save you money on your purchase price. Electric cars and some makes of fuel-efficient cars may be eligible, and incentives like this can actually help you to afford to buy a greener, more eco-friendly model from the outset. You can look this up online or ask your dealer for more information.

  1. What other costs are involved?

Again, buying a car is not just about affording the price on the windshield or the monthly payments.  Vehicles in Florida are subject to a variety of additional costs that you need to be aware of before you buy.  Legitimate costs like sales tax, registry costs, and documentation fees can all bump up your out-the-door price, but some dealers can even sneak additional fee’s in along the way, so be sure to get the full picture before you commit to your purchase.

  1. How many miles are on the car?

 The distance your car has traveled before you buy it can have an effect on nearly all of the mechanical parts.  It can also make a difference when it comes to insurance payments, warranty claims and any other potential expenses involved in owning the vehicle.  Never assume that a new car has 0 miles on the clock, or that a used car is “low mileage” just because the dealer tells you.  Fully inspect the car itself and all associated paperwork to get the correct figure, and proof of any previous repair work that has been undertaken.

Get the Best Price Insurance for Your New Car

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