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Does my Homeowner’s Policy Cover Guests?

You know the benefits of a homeowner’s insurance policy in the event that your home, furnishings and valuables are damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Your homeowners’ policy also provides a variety of other protections that may be needed as you entertain and enjoy life with family, friends and other guests in your home.

If someone sustains an injury or damage to their property while a guest in your home, you could find yourself liable for a variety of expensive out-of-pocket costs if you don’t have a homeowner’s policy. You can be sued, be exposed to significant financial expenses, and the loss of assets.

Personal liability coverage is included in homeowner’s policies if someone is injured on your property, along with financial protection in the event that you’re found to be legally liable for the injury. That protection can also be found in most renters’ policies and personal liability insurance can be purchased as a stand-alone option.

The policies typically cover basic medical expenses for anyone on your property, including guests, and it’s sometimes referred to as goodwill coverage. It can pay for the guest’s medical bills, lost wages, and even emotional distress.

The coverage also encompasses damage to the personal property of those in your home as a guest. Damage to a neighbor’s property is likewise covered, for instance, if a tree limb on your property falls and damages their home, fence or outbuilding.

Protection is also extended in other situations. An example would be if you’re jogging, accidentally run into someone, and they fall and break a bone, your liability insurance would cover the associated medical expenses if you’re found culpable. If you have a significant amount of assets, the more liability coverage you should consider purchasing to protect yourself.

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