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Choosing a Vehicle by Insurance Cost

Insurance companies use a wide range of information to determine what you pay for insurance. What you may not know is how much your choice of vehicle influences the rates you pay for coverage.

What Makes it Expensive

The overwhelming reason your policy will cost more is what the insurer anticipates will be the cost to repair or replace the vehicle. A car with a powerful motor may make a driver more likely to get a ticket for speeding or even racing. A vehicle packed with high-tech features will also cost more to insure. Insurers also calculate the risk that the vehicle will be vandalized or stolen.

Most Expensive

Many cars and trucks that may seem unassuming can be the most expensive in terms of an insurance policy. The following are the top 10 most expensive vehicles to insure, along with the average cost per year. Bear in mind that the cost may be more or less, depending on the insurer and other factors.

  • Dodge Charger, $4,242
  • Tesla, $3,007
  • BMW, $2,337
  • Lexus, $2,273
  • GMC, $2,207
  • Ram, $2,101
  • Nisson, $2,004
  • Hyundai, $1,973
  • Kia, $1,968
  • Toyota, $1,964

Least Expensive

The following are the top 5 least expensive vehicles to insure. They provide solid and reliable transportation, but aren’t considered to be flashy and as costly to repair or replace.

  • Mazda, $1,658
  • Volkswagen, $1,707
  • Subaru, $1,752
  • Jeep, $1,833
  • Honda, $1,869

Cost Saving Tips

You can check with your current insurer to determine how much your premiums will be each month, based on the car you’re thinking about purchasing. You may also want to comparison shop for insurance at any one of a number of online sites. Inquire about discounts. Insurers offer discounts, but agents will seldom volunteer the information The type of discount and potential savings will depend on the insurer and your individual circumstances.

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