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Homeowners Save with a Security System

There are several ways for individuals to save on their homeowner’s insurance and one of those is by installing a security system. A system that includes professional monitoring can save people up to 20 percent on their homeowner’s insurance costs.

There are different types of home security systems and each has its own associated costs. The type of security system will dictate the type of savings. The four types of systems:

  • Wired – it’s a basic burglar alarm that works with the home electrical system. An alarm is triggered when a door, window, or other access point is opened and interrupts the connection.
  • Wireless – the alarm system uses radio frequencies instead of wires and a break in the transmitted signal triggers a control panel that sounds an alarm.
  • Unmonitored – these contain visual and audible signals when a break-in is detected, but rely on the homeowners or neighbors to alert the authorities. They contain the ability to notify homeowners via mobile device, but rely on the availability of cellular reception to summon police.
  • Monitored – the systems include constant monitoring by the company’s operation center that will alert homeowners and the authorities. They can include cellular backups and auxiliary power supplies, mobile and computer solutions for activation and deactivation, sensors that detect break-ins and glass breakage, and audible alarms.

Homes equipped with an alarm system provide an added sense of security and provides a discount on homeowners insurance. Statistics from the FBI indicate that a burglary occurs about every 15 seconds in the U.S. and homes that aren’t equipped with an alarm system of any type are three times more likely to be targeted.

Insurance companies like security systems because it reduces the potential that they’ll have to cover damages and loss. The amount of the discount received with the installation of an alarm system will depend on the type of system and the insurance company. Individuals should also be aware that in addition to installation costs of a security system, there are ongoing monthly charges for a monitored system that can outweigh any discount the insurance company provides.

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