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Homeowner’s Policy

5 Things Floridians should Know about a Homeowners Policy

An insurance company factors in a wide variety of elements to arrive at the cost of an individual’s policy costs. Insurers consider everything from the area in which a person lives to their credit score. Homeowner’s insurance is a fairly straight forward transaction in much of the U.S., but there are five essential things that Florida residents need to know when purchasing their homeowner’s policy.

Storm Damage

The climate in Florida is conducive to storms, many of which pop up with little notice and can be severe. That sets the stage for situations ranging from flooding to broken tree limbs that fall on cars and homes. What Floridians may not know is that the state also has an average of 12.2 tornadoes per 10,000 miles.


Ordinary homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding and Florida is one of the lowest-lying states, ranging from a low of three feet above sea level to a high of six feet above sea level. It’s also one of the most likely states to be affected by a hurricane in the form of storm surges and rain leading to flooding. Flood insurance will require a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Property Values

Property values in Florida are some of the highest in the nation. A large majority of the homes and condos are considered luxury residences and there’s an overall shortage of homes – especially the type the wealthy desire. Those factors have led to investors snapping up any available property, further increasing property values that affects insurance rates.


The instances of fraud have increased in all sectors, including the area of homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners sometimes inflate the values of items that are lost or stolen. There are also contractors that will ask individuals to sign an AOB agreement. It gives the benefits of the policy to the contractor or other third-party and the scams typically affect seniors that don’t understand what they’re signing.

Unique Policies

Florida is a favorite destination for tourists, retirees, and investors both domestic and foreign. Homeowner’s insurance policies have evolved in response to the state’s uniqueness. Individuals have a variety of coverage options from which to choose and there may be discounts for clients that install security systems or bundle their coverage.

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