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Vacation Gone Wrong: Why Secure Trip Insurance

Vacations are eagerly awaited events and a significant amount of planning goes into each one. No one ever contemplates the many risks and unexpected circumstances that can intervene to turn a vacation into a disaster. Trip insurance is an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to help ensure each family member is covered for a wide variety of instances.

Each insurance provider has its own cancellation policies, notification requirements, and documentation procedures when making a claim. Travel insurance providers are typically more lenient than the policies offered by travel providers.

Medical Assistance

Depending upon the location, it can easily cost individuals $10,000 out of their own pocket without travel insurance. Many insurers don’t provide coverage internationally and medical services in other countries often don’t accept personal medical insurance. Coverage is especially important if someone has a pre-existing condition, is vacationing in a remote locale, or engaging in extreme sports.

Non-Refundable Travel Expenses

A credit card may reimburse travelers for non-refundable expenses – up to $5,000. Travel insurance can cover expenses for which a credit card can’t or won’t make a refund.

Provider Bankruptcy

If a travel provider declares bankruptcy, individuals can find themselves stranded with few options. The same is true if the provider defaults or suspends operations for other reasons. Travel insurance can help, but limitations will apply.


Acts of terrorism are far too common and can shut down a vacation before it even begins. New policies are available that provide additional coverage in the event of terrorism before individuals leave or after they arrive at their destination.

Reasons to Buy

Travel insurance is a smart investment and provides significant financial benefits. Vacations can be interrupted, delayed, or canceled for any number of reasons encompassing an illness or death in the family, military deployment, or unexpected work/education requirements, along with a divorce or separation, lost luggage, or a natural disaster. No matter what the reason, travel insurance can save individuals money and allow them to vacation another day.

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