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Are Plants Insurable?

This will come as a surprise to many people – the answer is yes. Traditional homeowner’s insurance policies provide protection for damage to landscaping and removal of trees that may come down on a house or other structure. The newest trend for plant insurance is none of those things.

One plant subscription service currently offers a Plant Reassurance plan and a Plant Resurrection plan. The Plant Reassurance plan enables individuals to send images of an underperforming or dying plant to a plant expert, who will then provide advice on what’s wrong and how to remedy the problem. The Plant Resurrection plan provides a replacement plant if it dies – providing it was purchased at the subscription service.

Houseplants may or may not be covered under a traditional homeowner’s policy as part of the contents. Individuals with a homeowner’s policy can purchase additional coverage that will provide extra monetary protection for their trees, shrubs and plantings. The cost generally has a maximum of $1,000 per plant, but some insurers will allow increases in the coverage amount in certain circumstances.

It’s a good idea for people with plants that are rare, exotic, endangered or expensive, along with trees that are hundreds of years old, to purchase the extra protection. An extreme example would be coverage for a carnivorous plant collection that’s over a decade old, while a bonsai may qualify for coverage under the category of art. Other extreme examples would be the extremely rare Shenzhen Nongke orchid, a Juliet rose, or Queen of the Night Kadupul flower.

There are individuals that can appraise plants within their specialty. It’s worth the cost if the plant is stolen from the home or destroyed. Just be sure to obtain the appraisal prior to the loss, have the original receipt, and photos of it from every angle.

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