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Properly Insuring your PWC

A personal watercraft (PWC) provides hours of aquatic fun and sales of the recreational craft were up by eight percent in 2020, even amidst the pandemic. There are multiple brands from which to choose, they have highly accessible price points, and often serve as the first step toward ultimate boat ownership.

One of the first things you need to investigate is insurance for your personal watercraft. They’re extremely popular targets of thieves. However, there are a variety of reasons for insuring your PWC. The crafts are quite fast and an inexperienced rider can easily find themselves losing control and causing a significant amount of property damage. Even experienced riders can encounter difficulties.

Average yearly insurance costs for your PWC can be as little as $150 or up to $500. Factors that will influence your insurance costs encompass the PWC’s year, make and model, along with the engine’s horsepower and maximum speed it can attain. Any enhancements to the PWC will also have a bearing on the cost. Many insurance companies provide discounts when riders have successfully completed a boater safety course.

Your PWC policy will cover medical expenses should you or a passenger sustain an injury in an accident, up to specified limits, though you can add additional medical coverage. Medical payments for injuries typically top out at $25,000 and cover you, your family members and friends.

You’ll also have coverage for personal items such as phones, sunglasses, clothing and other possessions – usually limited to $5,000. If the items can’t be repaired, they’ll be replaced. Replacement coverage for your PWC if it’s determined to be a total loss can vary. The cost may be prorated, while other insurance companies will cover the cost of a new PWC within certain time limits.

Insuring your PWC protects you, your family and friends in the event of an accident. PWCs range in price from $5,000 to $20,000 – insuring your personal watercraft is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your investment.

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