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Finding Affordable Car Insurance Under 25

Anyone under the age of 25 that’s shopped around for car insurance immediately discovers how expensive it is. Insurance companies set rates according to statistics and men under the age of 25 statistically have the worst driving records next to teens. Statistics indicate they have more accidents than other age groups and the accidents are more costly for insurance companies to cover.

It pays to shop around for car insurance if you’re under 25. Finding affordable car insurance is easier thanks to the digital age. It’s possible to compare prices from multiple insurance agencies from a single website. Individuals can choose the coverage that best fits their needs and wallet. Individuals are under no obligation to accept any quote that’s proffered.

Some insurers offer discounts that can help reduce the cost of insurance, such as taking a driver’s education course, defensive driving course, or maintaining a B average if attending college. Other insurance companies provide discounts based on the distance that the individual drives. Drivers should be aware that the vast majority of insurers won’t volunteer information about discounts. They’ll need to ask about them.

In some instances, it can be less expensive for drivers to remain on their parents’ policies until they’ve transitioned past the “magical” age of 25. It can be much less expensive for young people to pay a share of the premiums if they’re on their parent’s policy than obtaining insurance on their own.

Many young drivers seek a flashy car for their first purchase. Before buying that car with the spoiler, supercharger, alloy wheels or tinted windows, be aware that there are certain features that will drive up insurance costs. Improving safety features and anti-theft options will aid in reducing premiums.

Drivers under the age of 25 will pay more for car insurance, but the actual dollar amount can be reduced by shopping around for the best rates. Young drivers should remember that the type of car and its features impact insurance costs. It’s a good idea to be responsible and explore safety ratings before committing to a specific vehicle.

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