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When is it Time to Take Away Driving Privileges?

A drivers license is a right of passage and represents many things to people. Far more 01thn a piece of laminated paper, a driver’s license means the freedom to come and go at will. There’s a strong emotional and psychological tie to being able to drive, especially for seniors. However, there may come a time when illness or mental or physical impairment makes it imperative that driving privileges are taken away.

In Florida, drivers age 80 and older must renew their license every six years. Seniors 79 and younger can receive an eight-year license. Depending on the individual, the state can place restrictions on how and when seniors can drive, along with the type of vehicle and the equipment with which it must be equipped.

The time to take away driving privileges depends on whether the individual presents a danger to the safety of themselves and others. There are signs that family and friends should look for that are indications that it could be time to take away a senior’s license. They may get lost on familiar roads, be getting tickets, or be involved in accidents or experiencing close calls.

Seniors may also exhibit less confidence in their driving abilities, have significantly reduced response times, or experience difficulties maneuvering in traffic. Drivers may be easily distracted, drive at inappropriate speeds for conditions, or hit curbs when executing right turns.

Older individuals often don’t even realize there’s a problem since the difficulties may develop slowly over time. Senior drivers will typically be resentful and angry if someone suggests they stop driving. If their license is taken away, family members should be prepared for the potential of depression.

It’s never easy trying to convince an elderly driver that they shouldn’t be on the road anymore. It’s much easier to make an anonymous tip to the DMV and let them open an investigation. That way, the driver will focus their angst and anger toward the government agency instead of loved ones.

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