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Save Time with an Insurance Agent

The vast majority of individuals perform an online search for everything they need, including insurance. However, what many people don’t realize is that it’s possible to save time and get a better deal on costs by shopping with an independent insurance agent. They’re knowledgeable, versatile, and highly motivated. They also have options and discounts that can provide significant savings.

The history of independent insurance agents goes back to the year 1896. Two agents objected to being “captive agents,” only able to sell insurance from a single provider and the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) was founded. Prior to that, agents worked for a specific agency and could only sell policies for that particular company. The IIABA changed that.

Independent agents can sell a myriad of insurance products from multiple agencies. Since they’re not limited to a single agency, they can perform comparison shopping for individuals. They can tailor insurance policies to the needs of the client and their budgets. Independent agents are cognizant of applicable state laws and how those regulations affect a policy.

Even an online search for insurance can require significant time. One of the benefits of an independent insurance agent is that individuals can provide an agent with pertinent details and leave the comparison shopping up to the agent. He or she has detailed information about the insurance products sold and can provide potential customers with multiple options from which to choose.

Independent insurance agents take the work and the stress out of searching for the best rates for life and health insurance, along with insurance for homes, vehicles and businesses. People often put off shopping for insurance for a variety of reasons. The most common complaint is the time it takes, while others don’t feel they have the knowledge to make an informed decision. An independent insurance agent puts those fears to rest.

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