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Can You Apply for Life Insurance if You’re Sick?

Most people don’t consider life insurance when they’re young and healthy or they decide to put it off until later in life. A term policy is the most common type selected and sought by older individuals, those with a chronic condition, or who develop a life-threatening illness.

A term policy provides your heirs with money to pay your final expenses upon your death. Life insurance is protection that people typically purchase before they become ill since there are many illnesses and conditions that insurance companies consider too high-risk to cover.

You can apply for a term life insurance policy when you’re sick, but there’s no guarantee the company will accept your application. If you do qualify for coverage, be aware that the monthly premiums are going to cost far more than if you were in good health. A pre-existing condition will also have an impact on the type of policy for which you may qualify.

There are many conditions that can preclude you from purchasing term life insurance. A diagnosis of cancer, ALS or being on dialysis are some examples. Other disqualifications include the inability to perform daily living activities or a severe mental illness. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or COPD, insurance companies will typically refuse to insure you.

Life insurance policies usually have a 2-year period during which the full value of the policy isn’t available if you die. However, there are some policies that have shorter waiting periods or none at all. These types are designed for smaller payout amounts and those designed to just cover funeral expenses.

If you have a pre-existing condition, there are still options available. You can apply for a whole life policy that will provide coverage for your lifetime. They’re significantly more expensive than a term policy. Another option to explore is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. They won’t require a medical exam, but they will have a much higher monthly premium.

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