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Ways to Protect Your Home While Away

A vacation is an opportunity for fun and you’ll rest easier knowing you’ve taken appropriate precautions to protect your home while you’re gone. An empty home is a prime target for burglars. There are some simple precautions that are relatively inexpensive that can make the difference between a burglary and a safe house. It’s important that your home looks occupied.

Lights & HVAC

Install timers for interior lights in each room. Don’t set them all to be on at the same time. Alternate the times the lights come on in each room to make it appear as if people are occupied in different locations.  Install some motion activated lights outside the home. Set HVAC units to save money – unless your pet will be in residence while you’re gone.

Doors & Windows

Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked, including the garage and any outbuildings.

Surge Protectors

You never know when a power outage or power surge is going to occur. Unplug everything you can such as TVs, computers and stereos. For appliances that include refrigerators and freezers, make sure they’re plugged into surge protectors.

Social Media

It’s fun to post images of the great time you’re having on vacation, but you should know it’s one of the primary ways that burglars identify unoccupied homes. Refrain from posting those images until you’re safely back home.

Friends and Family

Even if you only tell your friends and family you’ll be gone, the news can easily pass beyond that circle. Be careful who you tell.

Mail & Packages

Have the Post Office hold your mail while you’re gone, and don’t order items that will be delivered while you’re gone. If they’re willing, have a friend, family member or neighbor park their car in your driveway at random times. Leave a key with a trusted neighbor in case there’s an emergency and they need to get inside.

Security & Valuables

If you have home security monitoring, alert your service that you’ll be gone and the dates. Make sure valuables such as jewelry and artwork are safely secured in a safe deposit box or other secure location.

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