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How to Choose Homeowner’s Insurance

The selection of a homeowner’s insurance policy requires careful consideration. A home is a
major investment and should be covered for multiple contingencies. Individuals will need to
know what the policy covers, exclusions, any available add-ons (riders), and discounts that may
be offered.
Climate Change
Homeowners should be aware that climate change is affecting the way insurers in Florida write
policies. Some previously covered damage is no longer provided and the cost of premiums are
definitely increasing.
Covered Perils
Insurance companies define a covered peril as damage it will cover, such as fire and smoke,
vandalism, theft, and lightning strikes. Storm damage to roofs and resulting water damage to
contents are a covered peril, but some insurance companies require proof that the roof
damage occurred first and the homeowner took precautions to prevent additional damage. A
homeowner’s policy should cover the cost of rebuilding the home and replacing the contents
should a disaster strike.
Homeowner’s policies carry an extensive array of exclusions and instances that aren’t covered.
Insect and termite infestations aren’t covered, nor is rodent-related damage. Rust, mold and
ordinary wear and tear are excluded from coverage. Insurance companies may cover water
damage from a burst pipe, but damage due to aspects of a hurricane are not.
Damage may not be covered if the insurer decides the damage could have been avoided due to
the policy holder’s actions or inaction. A homeowner’s policy may exclude coverage for injuries
caused by the owner’s dog, while others won’t cover certain types of breeds.
Homeowners may be able to save on the cost of insurance through discounts and deals offered
by the insurer. Individuals will need to ask about discounts since the insurer typically won’t
volunteer the information


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