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Do Car Modifications Affect My Auto Insurance?

There are dozens of modifications that can be performed on a vehicle. While some are cosmetic
in nature, others are designed to increase performance. Modifications can increase the value of
a vehicle, but they can also make them more dangerous or attractive to thieves from an
insurance company’s perspective, thereby increasing insurance costs.
Insurers are primarily concerned with how much they’ll have to pay out if your car is damaged,
vandalized or stolen. You’ll need to inform your insurer about any modifications that are made.
Something as simple as a high-performance air filter can alter insurance costs. All modifications
aren’t covered by a standard insurance policy and you may need to obtain a modified car
insurance policy.
Performance Modifications
This is a term used by insurers to denote a change that makes a vehicle more fuel efficient,
powerful, or increase handling. It encompasses modifications such as turbocharging, alloy
wheels, tires with harder sidewalls, changes to suspension, a spoiler, and alterations to the
exhaust or brake system. A tow bar may or may not increase cost, as insurers view it as an
increased risk when you’re on the road.
Cosmetic Modifications
A new paint job can increase rates depending on if it’s a high-demand color. A custom paint job
will also be more expensive to insure. Tinted windows, custom stereo systems, chrome
bumpers and specialized lights are all elements that can make a vehicle more attractive to
thieves and cost insurers more if you make a claim.
Discount Opportunities
There are some ways that you can mitigate the cost of insurance. Installing an alarm system,
tracking device, safety locks, cameras, and immobilizers can help reduce costs. Parking your car
in a locked garage is also beneficial for reducing rates. However, don’t assume anti-theft

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measures will automatically lower your rates. Many anti-theft precautions are high-tech devices
that are expensive to repair or replace and may actually increase your rates.