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How to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

Even a gas-guzzling vehicle can be made a little more fuel efficient and wallet-friendly with a
few easy to take actions. Even though they’re common-sense measures, you may not realize
the impact they have on the amount of fuel you use.
Tire Inflation
Properly inflated tires provide less surface that contacts the pavement, which creates less
friction and resistance to motion. Under inflated tires can cost you in fuel efficiency by up to 10
Excess Weight
You may be carrying a lot of excess weight in the back of your car and that means more gas the
vehicle needs to move. On average, every 4.5 lbs. of weight can reduce fuel economy by 2
The engine in your car overcomes wind resistance to remain at a steady speed. The faster you
drive, the more wind resistance the car must overcome. Driving at slower speeds doesn’t save
you money either. The car will need to drop to a lower gear at slower speeds, thereby using
more fuel.
Use Air Conditioning
Using air conditioning in your car decreases fuel efficiency, but not nearly as much as driving
with the windows down. Driving with the windows down creates extra resistance through wind
drag that significantly reduces fuel economy.
Waiting at stop lights and similar barriers may try your patience and tempt you to accelerate
quickly. Doing so only burns more fuel as the engine strives to attain the RPMs needed for the
rabbit start. Accelerate normally and use cruise control on the open road whenever possible.
Aggressive braking results in higher fuel consumption when you need to accelerate later.
Whenever possible, slow down gradually before applying the brakes and don’t tailgate.
Don’t let your car idle. As long as the car’s engine is running, it’s burning fuel. You can’t control
stop lights and a variety of other situations, but if you’re going to be waiting for someone more
than 3 minutes, just turn off the vehicle to save fuel. If a cold snap occurs, let the engine warm
up through driving than by idling.

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