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Renter’s Insurance

The Importance of Renter’s Insurance

Tenants often make the mistake of assuming that since their landlord’s income property is insured, so are they. The exact opposite is true and renters could find themselves paying for injuries or to replace personal items on their own without a renter’s policy.

No Coverage for Tenants

A landlord’s insurance policy pays him/her in the event of damage due to situations such as a fire, broken pipe, defective sprinkler system, a storm or theft. The landlord’s policy pays him/her to restore the rental property, whether its a home, apartment or dorm.

Renters receive no compensation for their loss unless they have their own insurance policy. A renter’s policy also provides coverage for tenants if a guest is injured on the rental property or for their loss of their personal property for the same situations as the landlord has coverage.

Coverage for Anyone

Renter’s insurance isn’t just for high-end possessions. The expense to repair or replace even modestly priced items can easily cost #20,000 or more. A renter’s policy will cover items that includes clothing, electronics, furniture and appliances, and art and jewelry. Items will be repaired or replaced, depending on if the policy provides replacement or actual cash value coverage. Be sure to keep receipts for any new item that’s purchased.

Living Expenses

If the domicile is rendered uninhabitable, a renter’s policy provides reimbursement for the cost of renting a hotel or other living space.

Injuries and Medical Expenses

If someone is injured in your home, the policy will cover the cost of medical expenses.

Additions and Improvements

Some landlords allow the renter to erect an addition, make improvements, or other types of installations. Those are covered under a renter’s policy.

Credit Cards

Any type of dwelling can be broken into and property stolen. Renter’s insurance covers theft, unauthorized charges on a credit card, a forged check, or withdrawals via an ATM.

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