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Homeowners Insurance

Top 5 Unexpected Home Insurance Gaps

When a people purchase homeowner’s insurance, they make the mistake of assuming that any issue they may encounter is going to be covered. That’s just not true. There are a number of exclusions attached to homeowner policies that create gaps in coverage of which every individual should be aware.

Flood Events

South Florida is particularly at risk for flooding events due to its low elevation relative to sea level, its position on the coast, and the potential for hurricanes and heavy rains. To have coverage for flooding events due to storms, run off and similar situations, individuals will need to purchase a separate National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy administered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Home Renovations and Usage

Homeowners need to report any renovations, update, or usage change to their insurance company or it won’t be calculated in as a loss in the event of a disaster. Those can include everything from installing a pool to using a room as a home office.

Sewer Issues

A sewer back up or overflow can cost thousands of dollars to remediate, one of the reasons that sewer-related issues aren’t covered under standard homeowner’s insurance. A separate policy or rider on the original policy will be required.


The full value of expensive artwork, collections, jewelry and heirlooms won’t be covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. They’re only covered to the limits of the policy. Individuals will need to have those items appraised by a professional in the field and covered by a separate specialty policy. Other items that may require a separate policy are musical instruments, firearms, designer garments, and electronics.


Wind has the power to creep into the smallest of spaces. It can damage siding or loosen and rip off shingles. Accompanying rain can then enter those areas, causing damage to structures and the potential for mold growth. Many policies demand that owners prove which came first, wind or rain damage to ascertain coverage.

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