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Is Flight Insurance Part of Your Dream Trip?

The pandemic brought changes to the travel insurance industry. However, few people read the fine print in the policies. The wide range of restrictions, requirements and coverage options can be extremely confusing.

Bear in mind that each airline has its own set of parameters for what it will and won’t cover. Flight insurance won’t cover prepaid or non-refundable expenses.


In general, you may be reimbursed for the cost of the flight due to an unforeseen illness or injury that causes you to cancel, along with lost or damaged luggage. Flight insurance can also cover the cost of your flight if its:

  • Cancelled due to inclement weather
  • A delay causing you to miss a connecting flight
  • Delay due to equipment failure

You may also be reimbursed if you must land at a different airport or in the event of a terrorist attack. Some policies also include assistance in rebooking.

Your Existing Healthcare Policy

A great many insurance companies in the U.S. don’t provide coverage in their healthcare plans when clients travel to other countries, including Medicare. Flight insurance can save you thousands in out-of-pocket expenses in an emergency.

Your Destination Matters

There are currently 27 countries that require proof of travel insurance for visitors to gain entry. Check to see if your choice of flight insurance meets the requirements for your destination.

Basic or Comprehensive

Airlines offer basic and comprehensive policies. Basic coverage may not be sufficient for your destination country. You could also be liable for thousands of dollars if an accident occurs. A comprehensive policy typically reimburses you for;

  • Emergency medical and dental expenses
  • Emergency medical transport
  • Missed connections for unforeseen events

Where to Buy

You can purchase a flight insurance policy at the airport. Many travel agencies also provide a selection of policies that you can buy at the same time you book your trip. Don’t buy in haste. Read the fine print to determine exactly what you’re paying for, what it covers, and if it meets with the requirements set forth by your destination country.

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