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Is My Boat at Risk on Halloween?

Most people worry about their home, vehicles and expensive decorations at Halloween and for good reason. There are more home and auto claims at Halloween than any other time of the year. Boat owners need to be aware that their vessel is also at risk of vandalism and theft on fright night. Your boat insurance policy will typically cover theft or vandalism, but it’s better to protect your investment rather than filing a claim.

Crime of Opportunity

Thieves view Halloween as an opportunity. Most people are at home dispensing candy. The odds are good that few boat owners will be visiting their watercraft or taking it out for a cruise, so thieves are less likely to be noticed.

Protect Valuables

Theft of motors and valuable electronics are two of the most common boat-related thefts throughout the year – not counting outright theft of the entire vessel. There’s an exceptionally large market for all types of boat-related items, particularly in South Florida. Other items are equally at risk if thieves believe they can profit from them.

Take Appropriate Precautions

There are measures you can take to minimize risk.

  • Lock the engine to the craft
  • Use a boat cover
  • Lock the wheels and tires if your boat is on a trailer
  • Lock the cabin door
  • Never store a set of keys on the craft

Criminal Activity

The Forensics College of Florida ranked the state No. 1 for Halloween-related crimes. The top 4 are:

  • DUI
  • Underage drinking
  • Criminal mischief (vandalism)
  • Theft

Vandalism and Theft

The crimes aren’t limited to land. They also occur on water. Thieves will rapidly take what they want as efficiently as possible. Boats are a prime target at any time of the year in the Sunshine State. The objective for vandals is deliberately defacing and destroying as much as they can, for no good reason.

Ghost Ships

In some instances, thieves will abscond with a boat, only to abandon it later for any number of reasons. Ocean currents and winds can be capricious, carrying vessels far and wide. These abandoned boats are classified as ghost ships Worldwide, 438 of these craft have been listed. Take the needed precautions to prevent theft, vandalism, or the potential for owning a ghost ship.

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