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Is My Business Covered in a Smash and Grab?

It’s past time for South Florida businesses to ensure they’re covered for smash and grab robberies, along with any injuries that may be incurred. The crimes have already occurred in Miami and locations across the nation. Your business may or may not be covered. It varies by insurer.

Commercial Crime Insurance

The insurance covers criminal acts such as forgery, employee theft, accepting counterfeit currency. manipulation of a business computer system, and fraudulent electronic transfer of money. Polices are written to reflect “named perils” as determined by the insurer. A smash and grab may not be covered. Commercial crime insurance typically is only triggered if you have a “losses discovered” or “loss sustained.”

Organized Retail Crime Law

The governor signed a bill in 2022 designed to crack down on what’s being referred to as organized retail crime. The law stiffens penalties for perpetrators and makes the crime a felony, depending on the goods stolen – and if they’re caught. However, those involved in smash and grab crimes being committed are seldom arrested.

Not Just Luxury Goods

Smath and grab crimes of luxury stores generate headlines, but the thieves aren’t limiting themselves anymore. The crimes are occurring in shopping centers, malls and retail environments of all types.

Possible Repercussions

Employees and customers injured in the crime could file a claim against your business. It will be incumbent upon you to prove that reasonable precautions were taken to protect the store, customers and employees. Even retail giants are considering closing some of their retail outlets or have already announced plans to do so. They include:

  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Targets are Changing

Items of particular interest to rings of professional thieves are electronics, jewelry, designer garments and alcohol. However, as prices continue to soar, many are targeting cosmetics, grooming products and over-the-counter items such as pain relievers. All of those items and more are then sold on e-commerce websites. Now is the ideal time to speak with your insurance agent to ensure you’re covered in a smash and grab event. No retailer is immune to the crime.


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