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6 Top Tips For Insuring Your Small Business

Launching a small business, and keeping it thriving is a very involving and sometimes expensive undertaking. Most small business owners get lost in this aspect of their business that they overlook the very important aspect of protecting their investment. A small business owner may think that foregoing certain business insurances would save him some money. It is important to weigh the risk against the monthly premiums as you consider business insurance.

Here are six top tips for insuring your small business;

  1. Imagine the worst

This is where a little pessimism is encouraged. There must be many other businesses just like yours. Research and find out what threats are the most real in your area of practice. Is it fire? Theft? Libel suits from falls and injury at the workplace? Look at every business in your category that has suffered a major loss and imagine it could be yours. Never say that it could never happen to you. Safeguard your business against these known threats. Better safe than sorry is an adage that applies very well here.

  1. Employment liability

Sometimes, employer-employee relationships may sour. Most small business owners treat their employees like family, but disagreements are bound to occur. In the event this happens, you should safeguard yourself with the Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This will safeguard you against any libel suits like defamation, sexual harassment and so on.

  1. Know the rules that govern small business insurance in your state

Different states require that you take up certain small business insurance. Visit your state’s Department of Insurance to find out which these ones are. Some states will require a workman’s compensation scheme, state disability insurance and so on.

  1. Do not ignore online threats

In this era where everything is digitized, there are going to be some aspects of your business that are digital. If your business requires you to do online transactions, your customer’s financial information is at risk, as well as yours. There are all kinds of hackers in the digital space looking to bring down a business. Find out what kind of online insurance is available for your protection.

  1. Safeguard your home

Most small businesses are run from the home. And home is where the heart is, your most valued treasures are found there. Your family and home are put at risk when you run your business from home without proper insurance. Find out which insurance products can cover your home, as most insurance business policies do not recognize homes as business premises. In case of a loss like fire, you should be double-indemnified; for both your business and your home. You may run the risk of losing your home in the business insurance policy fine print.

  1. Find an agent

Having understood the importance of getting your small business insured, find yourself a reputable insurance agent.


It would be devastating if your efforts to set up and run a thriving small business were snuffed out in a day because you had no insurance. Look at insurance for your business as an investment whose benefits will be gained with the presence of peace of mind that your business is protected.

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