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Is Your Car at High Risk of Being Stolen?

The type of car you drive can be at extreme risk of being stolen. Many vehicles end up in chop shops where they’re disassembled and sold piece by piece. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the following vehicles as the most at risk.

Dodge Charger SRT

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat tops the list of the most frequently stolen vehicles. The number of stolen Chargers is 60 times the rate of other vehicles.

Dodge Charger Hemi Models with Hemi engines are 20 times more likely to be stolen.

Dodge Challenger

Thieves like the vehicle for the same reason as police – it fares well in high-speed chases.

Kia Sportage

A viral TikTok video demonstrating how to quickly hot wire the vehicles made Kia thefts surge.

Land Rover and Range Rover Sport

The keyless entry can be easily overridden using technology known as a relay device.

Kia Sportage (AWD)

These are stolen for the same reason as the “plain” Kia Sportage.

Honda CR-V (AWD)

Social media also accounted for the surge in Honda thefts. Many Hondas lack engine immobilizers.


Keyless entry also accounts for the popularity of this vehicle with thieves.

Kia Forte

Car thieves target years that aren’t equipped with immobilizers, identified by the use of a keyed ignition.

Ford Super Duty F-350 Super Crew 4WD

Older models are more likely to be stolen as they don’t have immobilizers and can be hot-wired. The vehicles are also popular with thieves for hauling stolen merchandise.

Honda Accord

Car parts for this vehicle are in high demand. They sell quickly and easily on the black market.

Ram 3500 Crew Cab, Long Wheelbase 4WD

Drilling a single, small hole in a side window is enough to gain access and pop the door lock. Access is also possible by cloning the signal on the owner’s key fob.

Infiniti Q50

No one seems to know why the vehicle has been on the list since 2014.

Nissan Maxima

It’s popular with buyers, making it easy to dispose of parts. Older models without intrusion alerts are most targeted.

Honda CR-V

Another favorite of consumers, disposing of parts is easy and highly profitable.

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