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5 Rules for Driving with Children in the Car

Driving with children in the car is never an easy task. Depending on their age, they may lose things, cry or argue. For parents, children are a form of distracted driving and youngsters don’t understand the potential dangers associated with vehicles. You want to arrive at your destination safely and without incident. The following are safe driving tips with children in the car.

Buckle Up

Never put the car in gear and embark on a trip, no matter how short, unless all children are securely buckled in a seat belt, car seat or booster seat. Make sure car and booster seats are properly installed.

Vehicle Etiquette

It’s essential that children learn as soon as possible the proper way to conduct themselves when riding in a vehicle. That includes being calm and quiet when riding. It can be helpful to provide children with crayons and coloring book when they’re young – just be sure to make it clear they’re not to use the car’s interior as a canvas.

Secure the Gear

Depending on the age of your children, you may be traveling with anything from a diaper bag to sports gear. Always place items such as these in the trunk, and not behind the front seat. If you don’t have a trunk, there are devices designed to hold packages and other objects in place so they don’t go flying should you have an accident.

Kids and Cars

Don’t leave children alone in a car for any reason. Children die each year of heatstroke from being left in a vehicle that quickly heats to dangerous levels. Children can also accidently kick a car into gear with disastrous results. Being locked out of your car by your children is a very real danger if left unattended and you don’t remove the keys. Teach youngsters never to play around a vehicle.

Keep Doors Locked

Always activate the child safety locks when traveling with children so they can’t open doors while the car is in motion.

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