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Essential Emergency Supplies for a Family Road Trip

Whether you have a specific destination or you are just moving around your beautiful country, road trips are a great way to spend time with the family at minimal cost. Since the car will be full of different age groups with different temperaments, it is very important to be prepared ahead of time for any eventuality. This road trip survival kit includes almost everything; here are the absolute essentials:

Emergency car kit

Be prepared for accidents and incidents along the way because you never know what lies ahead. In your emergency car kit, you should have jumper cables, flashlight, antifreeze, tire inflator, batteries, roadside emergency card and a rope.


A combination of traveling, children, and food can spell doom in your car. You can be sure someone will cause a mess either by spilling something or throwing up. Have a clean trash or brown bag with you just in case someone feels like throwing up and some wet wipes to clean up the mess. Carry a pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, and other travel-size toiletries to ensure everyone is clean and comfortable.

First aid kit

Every vehicle should have a first aid kit at all times but it’s more important when you have the family on board. Besides all the items found in a normal kit, be sure to add some painkillers, scissors, allergy meds and acid reflux syrup.

GPS and smartphone app

You will be grateful to have carried a GPS if you get lost on the way. If it’s possible, carry a paper map as well and make sure your phone map app works because of directions.

Batteries and chargers

Since you are bound to carry cell phones, flashlight, cameras, and laptops; remember to also carry their chargers and extra batteries.

Warm clothes and blankets

There is no telling where you will end up when you get on that road and you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere at night. Pack a warm blanket and some warm jackets for everybody to keep away hypothermia and a change of clothes in case of a beverage accident or anything else.


Water is indeed a basic need and even without food, you can still survive on water. Carry a big bottle or several bottles of clean drinking water to stay hydrated.


If anything happens, you will need some cash to get around, check into a motel, make calls and buy something to eat. Always have enough cash on you and also debit cards.

Bug spray and sunscreen

Mosquitoes and other bugs can get into the car especially in the evening so have a bug spray ready for them and some sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays.

There is a long list of emergency supplies you should have on a road trip including matches, emergency reflector triangle, fire extinguisher and a tool bag. Make a list of everything you need early enough and start packing slowly to avoid forgetting some things that day.


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