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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Does My Business Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance In Florida?

As a business owner, CEO or director it is important that you protect your business against a wide range of worst-case scenarios.  While it can be hard to prevent accidents occurring in the workplace; theft, burglary, fraud and other types of lawsuits can be made far easier to navigate if you have the right protection in place.

Because all employers should be able to defend their business against claims made by employees, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, more commonly referred to as EPLI, is designed to protect your business against lawsuits made against you.

What Is EPLI?

Because we live in libelous times, incidences of disgruntled employees making claims against their employers are constantly on the rise.  While the legalities of any complaint can be argued out with a good attorney on your side, the effect these types of claims can have on the day to day productivity of your business can be potentially harmful and expensive.

EPLI seeks to protect employers against a wide range of potential claims, including:

  • Wrongful Discipline
  • Discrimination
  • Negligent Evaluation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Failure to Employ or Promote
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Breach of Contract

Why Does My Florida Business Need EPLI?

You may be the very best boss in the business, but all it takes is one unhappy, spiteful or bitter employee to send your business into free fall.  “Discrimination” is a real buzzword these days, and while there are sadly still plenty of incidences where employees are genuinely discriminated against, there are also many thousands of false or unjust allegations made against employers on a daily basis.

If you, for example, have to let an underperforming member of staff go because they are not correctly discharging their duties, they may find another reason for having been fired instead.  That 55-year-old server you have employed may want to sue you for “wrongful termination” based solely on age, or a worker with a disability may not agree that you have done everything to accommodate their needs and set the wheels in motion to sue you for “discrimination” based on their disability.

As a conscientious employer, you will no doubt have everything in place to accommodate the individual needs of your employees, but this is not enough to protect you from anyone who feels unfairly discriminated against.

Should they decide to file against you, your attorney will be able to assist you with your legal obligations, while EPLI insurance will cover both the claim and the cost of your defense.

Who Should I Speak To About EPLI For My Business?

Our friendly insurance agents at The Sena Group, are on hand to discuss every aspect of EPLI with you.  We can provide a level of coverage that suits your individual requirements, and include EPLI as an addition to your other workplace insurance policies.

Speak to our helpful insurance agents today on 561-391-4661.

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