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Will My Personal Property Be Covered If A Storm Hits?

The simple answer is “maybe”.  Because no two homeowner policies are the same, every homeowner is at risk of gaps in coverage in one way or another.  When it comes to storm damage, Mother Nature can not only knock out your electric and bust through your windows, she can also make claiming on your insurance pretty tricky too.

As a rule, most standard homeowner policies cover damages involved when a tree falls on the roof or flying debris breaks through your windows. Most also provide protection from fire, hail, explosions, riots, vandalism, theft, the weight of ice, snow or sleet and even volcanic eruptions – a pretty inclusive list, I am sure you will agree.

But, if your home is likely to be damaged as the result of hurricane, storm or flood, you may find yourself without adequate coverage to be able to repair or rebuild your Florida home. Damages caused by earthquakes, mudslides or landslides are also unlikely to be covered.

How Can I Protect My Personal Property From A Hurricane?

Thanks to modern technology, weather agencies are usually able to accurately predict the expected force of an incoming storm, as well as the geographical area of landfall and the ETA of its arrival.  All this information gives homeowners plenty of warning and enough time for provisions to be made in terms of the safe storage of belongings, and evacuations if necessary.

Most homeowners know to board up their property to prevent damage to windows and doors, but there are also steps you should take to protect your personal belongings.  Keeping all important documents in a watertight container, high up off of the ground, for example, should prevent them being lost or damaged if flood water rises and enters your home.

You should take a full inventory of your belongings and keep it with you.  If your property is damaged, this will be a useful record both for your own peace of mind and the insurance company when it comes to replacing damaged goods.  Write down brand names, product descriptions, and serial numbers if you can, and if you can find any receipts or proof of purchase, they will also be useful.

Will My Insurance Cover All Of My Personal Property?

While the actual coverage you are entitled to may vary slightly depending on your policy wording and insurance provider, there are some general rules that you need to be aware of:

  1. Your personal belongings refer to most of, but not all, of the property in your home – you should make yourself aware of any exceptions and make provisions to protect them before bad weather arrives.
  2. Your property usually refers to your furniture, electrical appliances, and clothing.
  3. Your policy will only pay out on like-for-like replacements, meaning your Ikea 2-seat sofa can’t be replaced with a top of the range corner suite if it is damaged. Insurance companies and assessors know what their limits are, so don’t think you can fool the system by claiming for more than you had.

Finally, be aware that NOT ALL PROPERTY IS COVERED!

Don’t expect to get back cash money that gets blown or washed away. You should also plan for water shortages by filling the tub before the storm hits, as well as stocking up with non-perishable food and plenty of bottled water. Usually, important paperwork like insurance policy documents, share certificates, and statements are not covered either, so be sure to keep these up and high and well protected, or even store them in a safety deposit box for the duration of the storm season.

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