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Top 6 Essential Boating Technologies

There’s a wealth of high-tech gadgets available for boaters to enhance safety, find the best fishing locations, and enjoy on-board entertainment. Mariners of all experience levels can enjoy a day cruise or extended time on the water in comfort and safety with these essential boating technologies. The range of devices is extensive and many can be controlled with a phone.


It’s possible to record any journey or adventure with a waterproof, digital camera that can be attached to any position on the boat, from stem to stern and even mast. It can also be helpful when reporting claims to insurance companies, providing it’s pointed in the appropriate direction.


Everyone can now have the convenience of watching the big game or binge-watching their favorite TV series while enjoying a relaxing day out on the water. Boaters can choose from traditional antennas and small satellite dishes to amplification boxes that boost digital signals.

Navigational Tools

Radar, GPS, geo-location, chart plotters and fish finders are all types of navigational tools that are considered essential by today’s boaters. The devices provide high-definition mapping options for avoiding hazards above and below the water’s surface. They’re effective in fog, darkness and during stormy weather to identify obstacles ranging from other boats and sandbars to large flocks of sea birds – and fish, of course.

Personal Locator Beacon

These can be a critical safety device, especially if you get caught in rough water. Some provide a basic homing beacon, while others are more sophisticated and combine several tools in one. The most effective combine the locater with phone service and a strobe light to increase visibility should anyone find themselves in the water.

Solar Powered Anything

Any solar-powered device is now considered an essential part of boating equipment. Mariners can keep their phones charged and their environment lit with solar-powered options and chargers that are affordable, effective and efficient. Inflatable lights are offered that are lightweight, take up very little space, and they’re waterproof so they can be used as interior or marker lights. There are even solar-powered bilge pumps.

Wi-Fi Boosters

Everyone has a mobile device, but what many boaters don’t realize is that they may not have service while away from shore. A Wi-Fi booster will mitigate that situation, allowing boaters to tap into weak signals while on the water and amplifying them to keep mariners in touch with friends and loved ones.

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