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The Competitive World of Auto Insurance

The auto insurance industry is highly-competitive, with dozens of companies vying for motorists’ dollars. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be a difficult proposition. Drivers simply want good rates, value for their dollar, and a high level of customer service – but discounts are attractive, too.

The decision for drivers becomes much more difficult when perks and discounts enter the picture such as multi-vehicle discounts, bundling, and apps with the potential to reduce rates. There are also discounts for good students, installing anti-theft systems, and those that are age-related.

It’s important for individuals to understand that there are a wide variety of factors over which they have no control when insurance companies determine their rates. Variables such as gender and marital status, geographic location, type of vehicle, distances driven, previous claims, and filing bankruptcy are all used to calculate the cost of car insurance.

Insurance companies offer discounts and rewards to entice drivers to buy their insurance. Those perks are especially important for individuals that may have items that would adversely affect their premiums and can be a deciding element for many.

It’s not just discounts that are aimed at persuading potential customers. In an effort to be competitive, insurance companies will tempt and entice with free towing over specified distances, rental car guarantees and discounts for paperless billing, along with new car replacement and guarantees not to drop clients if they experience an accident.

Ultimately, customers want affordability and value for their insurance dollars. Part of that value is having agents that are responsive following accidents or loss. The type of rewards offered by each company can vary widely and many are targeted to specific demographics.

It pays to compare insurance companies before purchasing a policy, precisely because the insurance industry is so competitive. Individuals need to seek the policy that best fits their budget and offers the perks and rewards that accommodates their driving habits and stage in life.

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