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Optional Insurance Coverage To Consider

Insurance policies are available for a great many things besides your home and auto. Options are also available to enhance existing coverage. They make life easier, more convenient and can address issues you may never even have considered.


The contents of your home aren’t always automatically included in an insurance policy, depending on the company. Insuring the contents will help in re-furnishing your home in the event of a fire, theft or other situations. Be sure to understand if the contents will be repaired or replaced. If replacement is provided, determine if the contents will be replaced at the value when they were insured, current value, or pro-rated.


You definitely don’t want to be caught unaware by a break-down while on the road. You can add towing to your policy, along with rental car coverage if your vehicle will be unavailable for a few days. Roadside service is another option that can be used to bring you gas, replace a battery, or change a tire if necessary.

Identity Theft

Identity theft can take years to rectify and comes at a significant cost. While identity theft insurance won’t cover direct financial losses, it will aid in reimbursing you for some of the costs associated with identity theft while you repair your credit and reclaim your identity. That can include phone calls, legal fees, document mailing, and notary fees. It may also cover lost wages, child care costs and credit monitoring services.

Pet Insurance

Pets are beloved members of the family and pet insurance is gaining in popularity to help cover the costs if a pet is ill or injured. Pet insurance is primarily designed for services to keep pets healthy. Covered services may include wellness examines, vaccinations, and a number of medications that includes flea and tick remedies. The insurance may also pay for microchip implants.

Complete coverage options are also available, and some types of coverage is offered as an add on. Coverage may include reimbursement for costs associated with surgery, chronic conditions, behavioral issues, and alternative therapies. Be sure to seek coverage that includes hereditary and congenital conditions, as those may only manifest later in life.

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