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Does Car Color Matter for Insurance Premiums?

Everyone has heard that the color of the car an individual drives has an impact on the cost to insure it. While many insurance organizations deny that claim, mechanics and body shops vigorously dispute it. There’s little direct evidence to support the connection between color and insurance costs, but color can impact premiums in more indirect ways.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), car color doesn’t matter and has no effect on the premiums an individual pays. The organization maintains that insurance rates are based entirely on other factors such as where people live, the make and model of the vehicle, where it’s parked, and the number of miles that are driven.

The organization says other factors, such as the age of the driver, type of coverage chosen, the deductible amount, and a higher risk of being stolen are the primary drivers of insurance costs. According to the III, individuals should examine their driving habits and look to their insurance provider for discounts to lower their overall costs.

However, a study conducted by Axalta and showed that in-demand car colors increase the cost of a vehicle, thereby elevating insurance rates. Red cars were found to be the most expensive to insure, along with white and black. Gray was found to be the least expensive to insure.

When it comes to trucks and SUVs, black was the most expensive and blue was the cheapest. Individuals should bear in mind that while some colors are always produced, such as black, white, gray and silver, trends come and go in the auto industry, just as in the fashion world. A color that’s in low demand today, may be highly desirable next year.

Much depends on the rarity and availability of the pigments used in automotive paint. Another factor is that obtaining a specific color may require multiple coats of paint. Some tints are considered to be a custom color. Depending on the color, automakers and dealerships may charge up to $2,000 more for one color over another, which increases the cost to insure the vehicle.

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