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Can You Insure A Car You Don’t Own?

Can You Insure a Car You Don’t Own?

You can definitely insure a car you don’t own in Florida. It’s called non-owner car insurance and you have a variety of options for coverage. It’s considered a specialty product and it’s not something that most insurance companies market. A…

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Making Car Insurance Work For You

Making Car Insurance Work for You

After paying thousands of dollars to auto insurance companies, individuals often discover that their insurer is slow to respond, doesn’t disclose discounts, and continually raises rates – even if you’ve never had an accident. There are ways that you can…

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Keeping Your Older Car Safe

Keeping Your Older Car Safe

Whether you have just purchased your first vehicle, or you have had your older car for quite some time, keeping your car safe is important to you. Of course, you want your car to continue to run well and be…

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The Basics Of Car Insurance

The Basics of Car Insurance

Even individuals that have purchased auto insurance for years can easily be confused by the terminology associated with their auto insurance and exactly what it covers. Policyholders should know what their basic coverage requirements are, the optional coverage that’s available…

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