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Can You Insure a Car You Don’t Own?

You can definitely insure a car you don’t own in Florida. It’s called non-owner car insurance and you have a variety of options for coverage. It’s considered a specialty product and it’s not something that most insurance companies market. A non-owner policy can cost considerably less than a traditional auto insurance policy, though costs can vary considerably among insurers.

Non-owner policies are typically utilized by people that don’t own a car themselves, can’t afford a car but still need to drive, rent cars frequently, or do drive regularly using a borrowed vehicle. The policies provide minimum coverage. You’ll have liability that will pay for another driver’s losses if you cause an accident. It won’t include personal injury protection to pay for your own medical expenses if you’re involved in an accident.

However, you will be covered for medical expenses through the policy of the owner of the car you’re driving. Even if you don’t own a car, you’ll need a valid drivers license to purchase the policy. If you have access to a vehicle within your household, you should know that many insurance companies won’t issue a non-owner policy and simply list you as a secondary driver.

A non-owner policy can be helpful if you’re temporarily without a car. You’ll be able to maintain coverage and save some money until you get a new vehicle. It’s also advantageous if you’ve incurred a DUI or DWI and have to prove financial responsibility.

Just as with a traditional insurance policy, the insurance company will assess your risk and your rate will be set accordingly. Younger drivers will typically pay more, as will people that live in high-population centers, and your driving record will be taken into account.

A non-owner policy can save you money and is useful in a variety of situations. Don’t expect the policy to be listed if you perform on online search for an insurer. It’s a non-standard policy and one that insurance companies don’t typically publicize.

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