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Top Ways to Shop for Car Insurance

With insurance rates rising, everyone is seeking ways to minimize cost while optimizing coverage. Individuals can shop small, local carriers to large national companies – in person or online.

People tend to look primarily at what their monthly premiums are going to cost when buying car insurance, with deductibles a secondary concern. It’s important to understand that cheap isn’t always the best option. Individuals must look beyond the price tag to obtain the best value, especially with uninsured motorists on the road.

Individuals need to compare at least three different policies, whether they’re renewing their coverage or shopping for insurance for the first time. There are numerous factors that affect the cost and there may be discounts available, though they’re seldom advertised.

Shop Locally

Individuals can call or stop in at a local insurance company to discuss coverage and rates. Smaller insurance agencies frequently offer a high level of customer service and provide policies from multiple companies.


People can take their pick from among websites that provide a list of potential national insurance companies based on the needs of the individual. The best option for an online search is use a site that utilizes a zip code rather than a vehicle’s VIN number.

Individuals will be asked to enter a variety of information ranging from driving record to gender. Comparison sites online are national in nature and some states require different types of data to provide a quote.

Vital Information

Before signing off on any policy, it’s essential that individuals know the minimum coverage they need. Look at both the amount of coverage provided in relation to the cost. There are also discounts that may be available, but insurers typically won’t say anything unless the client asks. People that shop around have the potential to save up to 47 percent on their car insurance costs.

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