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Does My Insurance Cover Another Driver?

The answer is yes, but that comes with a variety of caveats. You will need to have given your permission for the individual to drive the car and it will depend on your specific policy. You still need to use caution whenever loaning your vehicle to another person, whether it’s a family member or friend.

In Florida, the insurance is tied to the vehicle first and the driver second. If you loan your vehicle to someone and they also have an auto policy, your policy will typically be the secondary payer and the other driver’s insurance will be the primary payer for any medical expenses or damages incurred. The same is true if you’re driving someone else’s vehicle or when using a rental car.

Florida also requires that anyone in your household that’s legally allowed to drive be listed on your policy, even if they don’t have a license. The salient point for the insurance company is that everyone is listed who has the ability and knowledge needed to drive. That includes individuals that may have a revoked or suspended license, along with members of the household that may not live with you full-time.

The sore spot for auto policy holders is that the more drivers that are listed, the more insurance premiums increase – even if none of those individuals ever drive your car. Insurance companies can cancel your insurance for failure to list every potential drive in the home, including a roommate or a temporary live-in situation.

Conversely, Florida also allows you to specifically exclude an individual. The disadvantage is that if an excluded person drives the vehicle for any reason at all, you can be held liable for the cost of any injuries or damages. Mandatory car insurance isn’t required in Florida  If you borrow a friend or relative’s car and neither you nor they are insured, you’re placing yourself in financial jeopardy if an accident occurs.

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