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Things to Know About Auto Insurance When Renting or Leasing a Car

Auto insurance can be a confusing and expensive proposition when renting or leasing a vehicle.
Anytime individuals are thinking of renting or leasing a vehicle, they need to read the
agreement carefully. The fees and requirements can be extensive.
Rental car coverage can be added to a personal auto policy to help pay for the cost of a rental
vehicle while an individual’s personal vehicle is being repaired. It’s completely different than
coverage that can be obtained at the time of renting a vehicle.
An auto insurance policy will typically cost more when leasing a vehicle rather than purchasing
it. There are additional types of coverage requirements that must be met and that can include
GAP insurance.
Those requirements are designed to release dealerships from any liability if an accident occurs
and enables them to collect the full cost of the vehicle in any number of circumstances. The
lessee doesn’t collect. The cost of the extra insurance may be included in the lease agreement,
but never assume that it is.
No one is obligated to purchase the insurance that a rental car agency offers. The same
coverage, limits and deductibles individuals have in their own auto policy will suffice, provided
it meets the standards of the agency. Purchasing rental agency insurance is simply duplicating
coverage if a personal auto insurance policy meets or exceeds the mandates of the rental
Those with liability, medical coverage and comprehensive collision in their personal auto policy
won’t need rental agency options. A personal policy also typically covers belongings in a vehicle
and that coverage is extended to a rental car.
Individuals that need to rent a car, but don’t’ have a personal auto policy will be required to
purchase the rental agency’s insurance. It protects the renter against the cost of damages or
loss. Some credit cards provide a level of coverage if the card was used to pay for the rental
vehicle. Check with the credit card company first.


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