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Is My Home Covered for Halloween Mischief?

Trick-or-treaters will soon be knocking on doors for some sweet treats. Unfortunately, many homes will be the target of mischief makers who care more about “tricks” than treats. The good news is that your homeowner’s insurance, or renter’s insurance, will typically cover any damage incurred, along with medical treatment if a pint-sized ghost, ghoul or goblin is injured in their quest for candy.

Vandalism and Theft

Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover a werewolf attack, but it will most likely provide coverage if your home, garage or outbuilding is vandalized or you experience a theft. Statistics show that there are more claims for burglary and vandalism at Halloween than any other time of the year.

Claims range from spray painting and broken windows to homes being pelted with eggs – raw and hard-boiled. Your auto owner’s insurance will handle any damage sustained to vehicles. If you only carry a bare bones policy, you may not be covered.

Injuries to Others

Your home or renter’s insurance also has you covered if someone is injured on your property. Small children in costumes can be very unsteady on their feet. The combination of flow of foot traffic, scares from decorations, and unfamiliar territory can result in a fall.

Dog Bites

Even the friendliest of dogs can be overwhelmed by the noise and number of people arriving at your door. Not all policies cover dog-related injuries.


Halloween decorations become more elaborate every year – and more expensive. The cost of decorations in your yard is typically covered by your home or renter’s policy after you’ve paid your deductible.

Helpful Precautions

There are some ways that you can help minimize incidents on Halloween.

  • Place dogs and cats in a quiet room away from trick-or-treaters or guests if you’re having a party for their safety and that of others
  • Keep pathways clear of obstacles such as extension cords
  • Don’t place Halloween decorations too close to doorways
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Use a security camera

Dispensing candy can be exhausting, but it’s a good idea to dismantle expensive displays and put them away for the night to protect them from “pranksters.”

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