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Don’t Talk About Home Ownership at Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner and many people will find themselves sharing time with family. Everyone knows that a tranquil holiday means not talking about politics, religion or money. To avoid conflicts, there’s another topic you shouldn’t discuss – home ownership. Opinions of family members vary by age and your home choice could be the impetus for a full-fledged family conflict.

Buy or Rent

Each family must make their own decision about owning or renting. That won’t discourage older family members from advocating for the American Dream of home ownership. Conversely, younger family members may support renting, where tasks such as lawn mowing and maintenance are done for you. Older folks often associate renting with instability and ownership with success, while you may view a home as just a place to keep your stuff.

Home Size

You may discover that your family members have very different ideas about the size of the home you’ve just purchased. You may want a home with plenty of room and that can be at odds with what family members think. It can raise personal questions about relationships and children.

How Much

Cost is another factor. It’s a seller’s market and it may not be in your best financial interest to buy a home at this time. Unfortunately, that can lead to unwelcome questions about your finances.

Let Peace Reign

You may not think a simple statement about your decision to rent or own a home is a subject of controversy. It can result in multiple opinions and advice on what you should do. Chances are it will be a topic of discussion long after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner has come and gone. The better part of valor is at a family gathering is to eschew talk of religion, politics, money, and buying a home.

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