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A New Generation to Insure – Millennials

Millennials take heart! There are ways to obtain the life and health insurance you need without paying a fortune. The Sena Group understands the unique insurance needs of your generation and what you look for in an insurance company.

The company provides free online quotes, the ability to pay online, and represents the most reputable and trusted names in the insurance industry. Individuals can access customer service 24/7 to do everything from filing a claim and reporting policy changes to asking questions about your policy. The company has a significant social media presence and welcomes online interaction.

Millennials often don’t understand the importance or role that insurance can play in their life. They’re often reluctant to add another payment to their budgets while paying off student loans. It’s easy to put aside insurance at a time when you’re beginning your career and in good health. If you’re part of the generation known for a desire for new experiences and interest in extreme sports, you can benefit greatly from even a small policy.

Life and health insurance premiums are significantly cheaper when you’re younger and buying insurance when you’re young enables you to lock in reasonable rates that will save you money over the long-term. It provides protection in the event of an accident and other unforeseen events while you pursue your dreams.

No one wants to think about dying, but funerals are expensive. A traditional burial can cost up to $10,000. If you choose an end-of-life party as your final send-off, even a small insurance policy will cover those costs and prevent loved ones from additional debt. Other issues to consider are home loans, credit card debt, and parental student loan debt.

Home, car, credit card, and student loan debts can all fall squarely on your spouse and/or parents if you die or are unable to work. If you have children, a life insurance policy can help pay for their education. Even if you have a policy through your employer, it may not be enough and can disappear if you’re laid off, the business closes, or you change jobs.

If you’re a Millennial, there are a number of reasons why you should purchase insurance while you’re young. As a Millennial, you’re smart, shrewd, and know the value of planning ahead. A good place to start is with insurance.

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