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Electric Car

Three Reasons Why an Electric Car Might Be a Good Idea For Today’s Commuters

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in reducing their carbon impact by driving a car that runs on electricity and saving money on fuel. In parallel with this growing trend, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing has improved and existing car sales are rising every year. The manner in which electric cars work is fairly simple: they contain multiple electric battery packs which supply power directly to the car’s electrical system so that all the vehicle’s internal electronics are powered by electric power. The advantages of electric car (EV) ownership are clear: lower costs of ownership, more environmentally friendly options, and the opportunity to drive a more efficient vehicle.

A typical electric car will feature a motor that charges the batteries via an alternator or charging system that allows the engine to “bank” (or store unused power) at night and during off-peak hours. When traveling on a relatively flat surface miles per gallon of fuel can be reduced by as much as 90%. This translates to significant savings in gasoline costs.

However, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to electric car (EV) costs. For one, they tend to be significantly less expensive to operate. Even the top fuel and most expensive conventional vehicles regularly use only half the fuel that they would burn in an electric car. The reduction in fuel consumption results in additional reductions in costs associated with maintenance, which are passed on to consumers. In addition to this, they emit less pollution.

Perhaps the biggest advantage associated with owning an electric car is the cost savings associated with purchasing one. Some analysts believe that the government could offer tax credits equal to $7000 to prospective buyers who choose to purchase an electric car instead of a conventional vehicle. Such tax credits are currently available in several states, although precise details regarding the number of credits available vary from state to state. Also, a growing number of manufacturers are beginning to offer comprehensive vehicle insurance packages that feature both collision and comprehensive coverage for their vehicles. As a result, the cost savings associated with these types of plans become even more pronounced.

An additional benefit of owning an electric vehicle (EV) is the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric cars do not generate greenhouse gases, so they potentially reduce costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Also, using electricity to power a car decreases fuel consumption, making it an environmentally friendly commuting option.

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