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Rising Cost Insurance

How to Combat the Rising Costs of Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance has always been expensive and costs have continued to escalate, particularly in South Florida where hurricanes wreak havoc on homes. In 2021, premiums rose an average of 4 percent across the nation. However, an individual’s credit score and age can also impact the cost. The following are some steps people in South Florida can take to reduce the cost of their homeowner’s insurance.

Due Diligence

Comparing prices is an essential step in lowering homeowner’s insurance. Obtain a quote from at least three different companies. There are multiple websites that will help individuals with the task and make recommendations, but sometimes it’s better to actually call and talk to a local representative. It provides individuals with the opportunity to ask questions.


Multiple discounts are available, but agents typically volunteer the information – people have to ask. Depending on the company, they may offer bundling discounts when individuals insure their home and vehicle through the same agency. Some insurers will offer a discount if a customer has been with them for a certain length of time, performed energy-efficient upgrades, installed anti-fire measures, or anti-theft systems.


People can save on premiums and reduce the cost of insurance by increasing the amount of their deductible. It has the potential to save up to 25 percent on the cost of a policy. The deductible shouldn’t be more than an individual could easily pay if they have to make a claim.

Shop Around

People are often reluctant to change insurance companies to which they’ve become accustomed and they don’t want to spend time looking for another. Rates, discounts and coverage can change from year to year. Don’t choose an insurance company by price alone. Be sure to read through the policy. Individuals need to ask an agent to explain anything they don’t understand.

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