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Dangerous Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are the biggest danger motorists will encounter on the road. No matter how safe an individual drives, a distracted driver is an unpredictable element. The same part of the brain that’s needed to safely navigate traffic is the same portion being activated when drivers are distracted.

Florida laws have been enacted that assess nominal fines, but the laws are rarely enforced according to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Awareness campaigns have done little to curb the practice.  The following are the top reasons drivers become distracted.


Whether its talking or texting, people still insist on using their phones while driving. Contributing to that is the false belief that a hands-free headset is safe, even though multiple studies have proven otherwise. Drivers are checking the weather and even shopping on their phone while driving. At 55 mph, a car travels 80 ft. per second. Reading a short text requires approximately 5 seconds.


Talking with family, friends or even co-workers carpooling to work is something few people think about, but it’s a powerful distraction. People gesture to make a point and look away from the road at others.


Children, pets, an insect in the window or any other item that moves is highly distracting. It activates a person’s natural reaction to look or reach out to stop the movement.

Car Controls

Today’s vehicles can seem like piloting the space shuttle with all the system controls available. Adjusting controls on sound systems, heating and air conditioning, along with windows, seats and mirrors dangerously divert a driver’s attention.

Objects & Devices

Food, drinks, cigarettes, vapes and tissues are common items in a car that people reach for when driving. Even keeping “one eye on the road” takes focus off driving.

Roadside Distractions

Animals, accidents, people and objects on the roadside cause a momentary distraction that can result in a driver having an accident of their own.

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